Sometimes, getting your kids to brush their teeth can involve a lot of conflicts. Twice every day, you are forced to get them to the bathroom to ensure that they brush. You may have some children who don’t be bothered at all, but brushing their teeth is definitely the best way to fight cavities. But how are you supposed to ensure that they pick up their toothbrush? Here are three creative ways you can try:

  • Brush Together

Making it a habit of brushing your teeth together with your kids can be fun and present an opportunity to train your kids on how to brush. You will be in a position to teach them about the best brushing techniques. Making it a routine can also help. For instance, see to it that your kids brush their teeth in the morning after breakfast and soon after the evening meal. If you always brush together, they will be conditioned to pick up their toothbrush every time you reach out for yours.

  • Games/Dancing

Come up with teeth brushing game or dance to make it more fun and enjoyable. As a parent, you are very familiar with the petty things, including dances and games, which appeal your children. You can even try some songs that are two minutes long and play it as a part of brushing routine every morning and n the evening. Once this becomes a habit, it will be something they will hardly resist. You can even pledge some presents for the kid who will have brighter teeth in the long run. However, remember to reward all your kids if you don’t want conflicts among your children.

  • The Power of Choice

Shop with your children and let them pick their own favorite toothbrush and toothpaste. Most children’s toothpaste is available in a variety of flavors and colors. You can find some that feature their favorite characters. By allowing them to pick a couple of different ones, you will be giving them an opportunity to switch when the need arise. The same case applies to toothbrushes. They can select from a variety of shapes and colors. Allow them to pick their favorite characters and colors.


You should start brushing your kid’s teeth as soon as they emerge. Eventually, teach them how brushing regularly helps in preventing cavities and will offer a beautiful smile. Remember to compliment your kid’s brushing effort. This will help them develop a life-long oral care routine.