A vast majority of us are afflicted with dental phobia and with very good reason. There is a minority that suffers from extreme dental anxiety and will need some kind of psychological therapy to overcome this and begin embracing the much required healthy dentist’s visit and treatment. For most of us, however, a visit to the dentist may make us feel a bit queasy but is something that can be overcome with a little bit of the rational side of us and willpower. Don’t let dental anxiety prevent you from seeking important treatment and the best oral care. Here are some tips to help you overcome the anxiety.

Talk to your dentist about your phobias or anxieties

Relaying this information to your dentist will help them handle you with extra care and put you at ease. Informing your dentist about these fears also puts you in more control of the situation and this will reduce the anxieties.

Learn about the whole procedure beforehand

A lot of these anxieties are often due to misconceptions on what the whole process entails. So if you are having some butterflies in your stomach due to a dental procedure, talk to the dentist and get a low down on the procedures the dentist will perform. This will help in easing up the anxiety.

Take relaxing medication

This is linked to the first point. Let your dentist know beforehand about your anxiety problem so that they can offer you the appropriate anti-anxiety medication or sedation to help put you at ease. These are generally recommended for patients who are very nervous. During your initial appointment, establish whether your dentist will provide you with this option.

Choose a dentist that you are comfortable with

If you are not comfortable with your dentist, then this will only exacerbate the dental anxiety that you are suffering from. Working with a dentist whom you are comfortable with and trust will help alleviate much of the anxiety. Just like in all professions, there are people with various kinds of personalities and temperaments and like all human beings, there are certain personalities that we can rhyme with and feel comfortable around. Your dentist should have a personality that makes you feel at ease.

Breathe deeply and relax

Take actions that help alleviate the anxiety and make you feel more comfortable. Pausing and taking a deep breathe is one of the more obvious ways of relieving anxiety. Music therapy can also be of great help. If you have a particular type of music that makes you feel at ease, then have your dentist play it during the session.

You can also try and schedule your dental visits in the morning. Make them the first activity of the day. Most of us wake up all sunny and positive and then the daily stressors pile on to make us more anxious and irritable. So if you can schedule those dental appointments early on in the morning when you still have a sunny disposition, then it can go on smoothly without your anxieties getting the better of you.