During your younger years, it’s very likely that we are taught the importance of dental hygiene. While brushing and flossing properly is an effective way to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile, there are a number of reasons you should partake in regular dental checkups:

Tooth Loss Prevention

Tooth loss can be both devastating and expensive to those who suffer from it at some point in their lives, however visiting a dentist regularly can help to lower your risk of tooth loss significantly. Cavities must be caught within a specific time frame before the tooth can no longer be saved. Cavities which are allowed to fester and grow for long periods of time often result in lost teeth. Catch cavities before they can grow by visiting your dentist one or two times a year minimum, so that he or she can help you fix any problem spots before they continue to worsen.

Check for Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is common throughout Australia, and is often the result of extended tobacco use of some kind. If allowed to go untreated, oral cancer can result in the loss of teeth, gums, and even entire jaws, so it’s invaluable that you visit your dentist regularly in order to spot and stop oral cancer before it spreads.

Understand the Life Expectancy of Fillings

While your fillings may be a permanent fixture in your mouth, they also come with a life expectancy and should be replaced over a period of time. By visiting the dentist regularly, you can learn what the life expectancy of your filling is, and whether or not you need a replacement.

Prevent and Cure Gingivitis

One of the most commonly seen periodontal diseases among men and women of all ages is Gingivitis, a gum disease that is known to plague those with poor dental hygiene. Gingivitis can be detected during any normal checkup, and can be both cured and prevented with proper dental hygiene. If you are currently suffering from Gingivitis, be sure to visit your dentist more often than you typically would. The disease is known to worsen when not treated properly, which can lead to a number of other periodontal diseases in the future. 

Avoid Future Problems

When you see your dentist regularly, you are doing your part to prevent any dental problems from popping up in your future, whether it be a cavity filling or a root canal. Your dentist is trained to notice any and all symptoms of future problems that could possibly develop, and can do what is needed to prevent them. By regularly visiting your dentist, you could catch a potentially serious issue long before it becomes an issue, saving you time and money in the long run.

Get Necessary Cleanings

Having a proper teeth cleaning each year is necessary to those looking for a healthy smile, and these cleanings should be done by your dentist at least once a year. When your teeth are professionally cleaned, they will be free of plaque and bacteria that can build up even with proper brushing and flossing habits, making them look and feel better than they ever could after a traditional daily dental routine.

Get Answers to Your Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the health of your teeth, or you simply want to confirm that your dental routine is getting the job done, it’s important to ask your dentist during any one of your regular checkups. Dentists are typically very open to educating patients on proper dental hygiene, and will be able to answer any questions you may have regarding your smile.