Tooth Coloured Fillings

Tooth Coloured Fillings are the favourite option of fillings as they provide an alternative to the older amalgam mercury based fillings. Coloured fillings are a cosmetic dentistry option that presents an aesthetically pleasing results and we recommend it to all patients who require fillings in their teeth at our dental clinic.

The old and the new tooth fillings

The old tooth fillings were commonly amalgam mercury based fillings — silver in colour — presenting a steel like look inside the mouth. This presented an unsightly look to teeth. In addition, older fillings did not always bond well with the native tooth and did not have flexibility and diversity of application, dentists and dental surgeons had to enlarge the targeted cavity in order to use this form of filling as it did not suit smaller holes or cavities.

Tooth Coloured Fillings present an effective solution to treating cavities and holes in teeth. This form of tooth filling can be produced to match the colour of the original tooth and is therefore unnoticeable. Patients who receive coloured tooth fillings can smile and engage with others with confidence knowing that their fillings are not clearly visible. In addition, Coloured tooth fillings are stronger than older fillings and bond well with the surrounding tooth. This type of filling is flexible and diverse in application as it is capable of filling smaller holes without the need for extensive cavity enlargement. Blue Spa Dentists are trained and skilled professionals in applying coloured tooth fillings and we frequently get approached by patients to remove older fillings to be replaced with coloured tooth fillings. Old teeth fillings are removed and disposed off safely and effectively.

Material and Safety

Unlike amalgam fillings, tooth coloured fillings are made from safe materials — known as Composite Resin — consisting of composite and glass ionomer. There are no known negative effects on patients who have this material applied as tooth coloured fillings

Tooth Coloured Filling Procedure

The common materials used in these fillings are composite and glass ionomer. They are soft materials that can be moulded into the shape of the tooth before they are hardened, using a blue light.

Tooth Coloured Fillings must be kept completely dry until they have set, so they are often kept dry by a rubber dam which is a plastic sheet that covers the tooth.

Your Dental Treatment Plan Our clinics in Melbourne, Heidelberg and Taylors Hill are constructed and equipped to provide with a wide range of specialist dental treatment services. Our dentists are skilled professionals and have been providing patients with tooth coloured filling treatments for many years. The quality of the tooth coloured filling resin we use is of optimum quality and is produced to achieve proper filling of the tooth cavity or hole with maximum bonding to the surrounding tooth.

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