Most of us are sure we are getting our oral health right. We brush our teeth on a regular basis, floss our teeth on a regular basis and occasionally, pay a visit to the dentist. However, it is not just about the regularity; the process also matters. Unfortunately, a lot of people have a dedicated dental care regimen but they do it the wrong way. Here is a look at some of the common brushing mistakes that many of us make, often without even realising it.

Brushing Your Teeth Like it Hurts

You might do it often but if you are not doing it long enough, you could be posing a serious risk to your oral health. The recommended duration for brushing your teeth is two minutes but there are many people who brush their teeth in a matter of seconds. Out of the over 1400 minutes that we all have everyday, some of us cannot even spare 2 minutes to brush our teeth well. You are likely to leave plaque on your teeth if you brush it within a very short time.  Studies have shown that more than 67% of patients who had gum diseases did not brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes. To stick to the recommended 2 minutes, you can buy an electric toothbrush that has a timer.

Pushing hard

Many of us assume that pushing the toothbrush too hard and brushing vigorously leads to better oral health. Not so fast, according to dental experts. Brushing too hard will in fact damage the gum tissue and lead to a receding gum line. It can also loosen the teeth and cause tooth sensitivity. The best way to brush your teeth is by doing it gently and consistently in a circular motion. Use a toothbrush that has soft bristles which can undergo underneath the gum lines and clean your teeth more thoroughly.

Brushing immediately after meals

It is advisable to brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after you have eaten. The PH levels are generally lower when you have just eaten so your mouth will be more acidic. Brushing with such a high level of acid in the mouth can be quite abrasive.

Starting by brushing at the same place every time

We are creatures of habit and some of us form very enduring brushing habits like the timing when brushing our teeth and where we begin brushing it from. The danger with always beginning to brush at the same place is that by the time you reach the other places, you will be bored and tired and wanting to swish and spit rather than continue. If you go on with this routine for a longer duration of time, some areas of your teeth will not be getting the required attention.

Use the right toothbrush

Another common mistake many make is having the wrong toothbrush choice; one that is either too small, too large or with hard bristles. Choose one with softer bristles that will easily flex into the spaces in the gums for more effective cleaning.  Having the wrong toothbrush that does not clean effectively or which does not reach all parts of your mouth can be detrimental to your oral hygiene irrespective of how often you brush your teeth.

These are some of the most common brushing mistakes that people make. Watch out of these and have a clean and healthy mouth and teeth.