Dental Implants

Dental implant are a popular option for replacing damaged or missing teeth. These are titanium frames or posts that are surgically implanted beneath the gums and into the jawbone. The jawbone eventually grows around the implant, so that it becomes permanently fixed and can then be used as a sturdier and more “natural” mount for replacement teeth.


Dental implants are the best option for teeth replacement because their integration with the jawbone means they are able to provide stable support. When mounted on dental implants, bridges, crowns, and dentures no longer shift or slip in the mouth, particularly when eating and talking.

Serving as a permanent anchor, replacement teeth feel more natural and, hence, also more comfortable. Another advantage of dental implants is that the teeth on either side of the lost tooth will no longer need to be ground down for attachment of ordinary bridges, dentures, or crowns.

Just like dentures, dental implants can be used to replace more than one tooth or the entire upper or lower arch. A patient can also have multiple implants in different locations.

Treatment with Dental Implants in Melbourne – How Does it Work?

Treatment with dental implants has two stages:

Can Everyone Get Porcelain Veneer Treatment?

Generally, patients considering porcelain veneers must have healthy gums and teeth in order to receive this cosmetic treatment. People with conditions like tooth decay, gum disease, and root canal infections do not qualify for this treatment. However, once these issues have been successfully treated, our dentists can plan and implement the veneers procedure. A comprehensive dental evaluation at our clinic is necessary before our dentists can properly recommend this treatment.

When is the right time to receive the replacement tooth or teeth?

This can vary from one patient to another depending on the speed of the fusion process between the implanted anchors and the bone. Ultimately, the right time to attach the replacement teeth is determined by the dentist. The patient must strictly follow his progress assessment appointments, wherein x-rays are usually taken to examine the bonding progress and ensure that the implants are integrating properly into the bone. Our experienced Dental Implants Melbourne team can perform these procedures at our Collins Street Dental Clinic or one of our other locations.

Candidates for dental implant treatment

Patients considering dental implants must have adequate bone to support the implants. In addition, they must have healthy gums and good overall oral health. Therefore, any dental issues that may affect the implant procedure must be dealt with first. In some cases, especially when the patient does not have adequate bone, surgical procedures can be performed to help form better and more adequate bone structure. All these issues are subject to an assessment by our dentists and maxillofacial surgeons. We are transparent about our Dental Implants Melbourne processes and the associated expenses, and will never proceed to treatment unless you are fully aware of all aspects.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • They provide a permanent fixture for replacement teeth.
  • They look and feel completely natural and help replacement teeth function normally.
  • They help boost confidence and self-esteem.
  • They are the best alternative to lost, original teeth.
  • Implants are resistant to decay.
  • Dental implants help strengthen the jaw bone after tooth loss and maintain the alignment of your natural teeth.

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Corrective or follow-up treatment for dental implants inserted offshore

We have treated a number of patients with further surgery or repair work on implants performed by dentists overseas. While there are skilled and experienced dentists that perform surgical treatment with dental implants all over the world, Australia has the most strict registration requirements for periodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, and dentists. With the most affordable Dental Implants Melbourne service, we make every effort to ensure all our patients get the care they need without the added stress of excessive costs. And with an experienced Dental Implants Melbourne team, we utilise the latest dental implants technology and materials and are always available to deal with any issue, if they arise. There is no reason for you to risk your overall health and live in discomfort. Our Dental Implants Melbourne Service will make it possible for you to recover the natural functionality of your teeth and your beautiful smile.

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