Tooth whitening is a huge industry. Many spend thousands of dollars to get that desired “Hollywood smile” with crisp white and pearly teeth. Most people go for the professional teeth whitening treatments such as laser teeth whitening or the counter strips used in whitening. However, there are endless other options that you can use to get your teeth whitened. One of these is by watching what you eat. There are certain categories of foods that will help in whitening your teeth gradually and gently. Or they could simply inhibit tooth decay or staining.

These foods will bring out the white in your teeth without the need for harsh products and they do so through an organic and natural process. These include the foods such as vegetables, fresh fruits and many others. Here is our list of favourite foods that will help you achieve that brilliant white smile over time:


Top on our list of tooth whitening natural foods is broccoli. It is a nutritional and crispy vegetable that you can even eat raw to clean away your teeth. When you chomp these veggies raw, they act as a natural toothbrush helping get rid of food particles while chipping away at the plaque that is forming on your teeth. They are also a rich source of iron that can be deposited on the enamel on your teeth hence protecting your them from stains, acidic erosion and bacteria.


Strawberries are some of the best recommended tooth whitening foods. They contain a natural bleaching agent, Malic acid, that is found in some of the most commonly used bleaching agents in the market currently. When eating lots of strawberries, you can expect this agent to whiten your teeth naturally over time. They are also a good source of vitamin C that helps in removing the plaque from your teeth.


Apples whiten your teeth through their abrasive effect. When you bite and chew your apple, the abrasion helps in clearing away the stains, plaque, bacteria and debris on your teeth.


Like apples, celery is a fibrous cellulose with a slight abrasive effect so it acts as a “natural toothbrush” when eaten. It also has a high water content that will stimulate saliva production to cleanse the teeth and the mouth. Add a small piece of celery to your diet and begin unlocking its wondrous benefits on your teeth.


Here is another popular teeth whitening food which also has numerous other dietary benefits. Gnawing at the carrots stimulates lots of saliva production that help in naturally cleansing your mouth thus getting rid of the bacteria. Carrots are also “abrasive” and contain lots of vitamin A that will help in strengthening the enamel of your teeth.


Cheese is probably the last thing you would expect to find when looking for tooth whitening friendly foods but it is also quite good for your dental health. The lactic acids in the cheese will help prevent tooth decay. Cut hard slices of cheese on gnaw on them to boost your oral health. The hard slices of cheese also help get rid of stains or plaque that may be stuck on your teeth.

Garlic and Onions

To derive their wonderful benefits for your dental health, it is advisable to eat these raw. They will release compounds such as thiosulfinates that kill off the bacteria in your mouth thus helping reduce the rate at which plaque forms on your teeth. They are also colourless and will not stain your teeth.