General Dentistry

Blue Spa General Dentistry is focused on examining the health of your teeth, gum and mouth and preventing dental problems that can potentially develop into more serious conditions that require more complex dental treatments such as tooth filling, broken or loosen teeth and preventing tooth decay that may lead to the unwanted tooth extraction.

Dental and Oral Examination is core to our dentistry practice as it allows us to diagnose any problems in its early stages and perform whatever dental procedures required to treat the issue. At the same time, a dental examination allows us to tailor a regular periodical check to ensure that your teeth and mouth remain in good health.

We adopt a strict preventive approach to General Dentistry and we share our patients goals of having healthy and functional teeth.

Diagnosis and early treatment

In General Dentistry, an early diagnosis is crucial. At Blue Spa Dental, we use the most advanced diagnosis methods and dental equipment. We can examine and reveal issues while they are at early stages of development. This is important as the extent of any dental treatment relies heavily on the extent to which the problem has developed. Essentially, preventive treatment can resolve diagnosed minor problems without the need for extensive or expensive dental treatments. Often, if teeth or gum problems are identified and treated early, further treatments like filling can be avoided. This serves the objective of preserving your natural tooth as much as possible which contributes to better oral health.

General Dentistry after extraction

There is a misconception that once a tooth is lost, all effects that may have been associated with it would disappear. This is not true. A missing tooth can cause misalignment of the entire jaw, affect the alignment of the surrounding teeth and can affect the gun tissue. Our general dentistry practices include conducting examinations on such areas and ensuring that the health of your remaining teeth, gum and mouth remain intact. In addition, a missing tooth can cause the need for a higher degree of dental hygiene and should be assessed properly as to whether it may cause other problems such as teeth grinding or sleep discomfort.

Dentists and Children

Getting children familiar and accustomed to visiting dental clinics is important. At Blue Spa Dental, we adopt a fun and relaxing approach to dentistry when it comes to children. We aim at making children enjoy their dentist visit. We carefully and gently perform dental examinations and even perform procedures on children and remain equally focused on making the child feel comfortable. Just like adults, if a child is diagnosed with dental problems at an early stage, complex procedures can be avoided by applying simple dental treatments.

Your General Dentist is your coach

Our dentists recognise educating patients as an important component of the general dentistry practice. Your dentist will discuss your food and eating regime with you and offer you advice on the best dietary practices that enhance the health of your teeth and gum. In addition, we discuss your habits of brushing and flossing and the proper way to achieve the best oral hygiene using the traditional and known dental aids like brushes and floss.

Preventive General Dentistry is important

Taking that step to visit us for an over-all general examination of your dental and oral health is your assurance to better oral health. We examine and assess your dental health and provide you with a treatment plan if required, if no treatment is required or if no issues were identified, we schedule your periodical general dental check visits so that you know that you health is in good shape. Besides preserving the health of your teeth and mouth, regular check-ups allow us to diagnose any issues early and give us the ability to apply simple and less complex treatments which makes batter financial sense. In most cases, expensive treatments can be avoided wherever early diagnosis is made.

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Blue Spa Dental offers general dentistry services to patients from Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. We have clinics in Collin Street, Melbourne City as well as Heidelberg and Taylors Hill. Our general dentists are qualified trained professionals who have many years of experience in providing dental health services to patients from all ages. Blue Spa offers a wide range of dental health services from teeth whitening and oral hygiene to more complex procedures like dental implants, crowns and bridges and root canal treatments. We are Melbourne’s favourite cosmetic dentists because we aim at providing dental treatments that produce amazing results and restore the patient’s smile with white radiant healthy teeth.

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