Gum Lift

People with gum imbalance are often conscious of this irregularity and are often embarrassed to smile or engage with others. It is that ‘gummy smile’ that our patients attend BlueSpa to have corrected. People that require gum lift often feel and see that their teeth appear too small or short, this is despite the fact that natural teeth are in fact longer than what is visible. Essentially, gum lift achieves exposing more of the natural tooth which makes it longer and enhances the patient’s smile.

Gum Lift is exactly what it is described as by name. The idea is to lift the gum line to reveal more of the affected tooth or teeth exposing the full body of the tooth and adding that full radiant smile look that everyone seeks.

Causes of Gum Irregularity

There are a number of reasons that may cause ‘gummy smile’. The imbalance between gums and teeth could be a result of the shape of the lips, the conditions and shape of facial muscles, the shape and size of teeth as well as excessive gum tissue. Some of these causes can be the result of changes and circumstances that occurred during the life of the patient like an injury or accident.

Dental Cosmetic Surgery

In the past, people were alarmed with the word ‘surgery’, that is because surgery procedures are performed with a scalpel and anaesthesia. The recovery after undergoing traditional methods of surgery took longer. While Gum Lift may require dental surgery, it is relatively easy non-invasive and is the gums heal six to eight times faster. This is because at Blue Spa Dental we use laser gum surgery to correct gum irregularity and achieve effective gum lift that brings out an attractive natural smile.

Laser Gum Surgery is virtually painless and can be completed with very little or no bleeding. Equally important, this procedure takes a relatively minimal time to perform and is significantly less expensive than traditional surgery. We favour this type of surgery because it does not require complex incisions or stitches. Therefore, post-operative painkillers are rarely needed and recovery is achieved within days. This is particularly helpful where other dental work like teeth whitening is needed after the gum lift.

Will gum lift enhance my smile..?

Yes, patients who’s smiles are affected by excessive gum tissue or uneven or imbalanced gum line can benefit from gum lift surgery and notice, immediately, the difference it makes. Gum lift is achieved, in most cases, within one procedure where we sculpt and re-contour the gum line to reveal a beautiful and natural smile. Gum lift should achieve the correct natural balance between your gum and teeth and that is what makes a smile attractive and radiant.

Typically, the gum line continues to take the desired shape for a number of weeks after the gum lift procedure. In some cases, the gum can take up to twelve weeks for a permanent gum line shape is reached, however, this, in most cases, does not impact on our ability to perform other procedures that may be required. Even though the gum line may still be settling, further procedures can be performed as soon as the gum has healed from surgery. As mentioned above, this can take as little as a few days.

Other procedures

Once the gums are completely healed, we can perform other treatments and cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening and, in some cases, patients opt for other cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth lengthening or fitting veneers to close gaps between teeth to further enhance the look of their smile.

Gum Lifts by Blue Spa Dental

Ask our dentists today about our advanced laser gum lift technology where we are able to achieve the desired balance between your teeth and gum and restore that attractive radiant smile you are looking for. Our clinics are constructed to provide a relaxed and calming environment for patients to achieve maximum comfort while we perform dental surgery with the highest level of skill and professionalism.

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