The wedding season (hopefully!) means lots of brilliant and happy smiles all around. For some, whether you are the bride, the groom, best man, maid of honor or a wedding guest, having that winning Hollywood smile is everything. Maybe it’s a confidence thing, or maybe it’s an image thing, it doesn’t matter – you want to look your best in wedding photos.

Weddings are memorable occasions but no matter how smartly dressed you are, the detail most people will remember on your wedding day is your beautiful smile. People will remember how your smile lit your occasion and a lot of things have to fall in place before you flash that winning smile such as how well aligned and pearly white your teeth are.

Get Professional Dental Cleaning

This is one of the best steps to take if you are looking for the beautiful wedding smile. Have your teeth professional cleaned and if your up for it, why not try teeth whitening? Having pearly white teeth and good dental care will make your smile almost effortless as you won’t be too self-aware of your dental flaws. You can try a in-chair whitening such as Zoom whitening or even laser teeth whitening.

DIY at Home Tooth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening can be expensive, and it can need a few touch ups. If you drink lots of red wine, coffee or soda, your teeth will begin losing their white sheen and revert to the previous state. A low cost and effective option to keep your teeth pearly white for the wedding season is by doing an at-home teeth whitening. Bleach your teeth using dentist-prescribed procedures that are safe not just for your teeth but also your gums and mouth.

Improve the appearance of your teeth

If you have lost some teeth, you can use veneers, crowns and dental implants to radically improve the quality and beauty of your smile.

Practice your smile in front of the mirror

Some people make smiling so effortless but some really struggle to pull off a gentle charming smile fit for the occasion. If you are a struggler in this sense, you can practice your smile in front of the mirror before the big day. Experiment with different smiling techniques and angles to see where you can bring out the best in your smile. There are certain angles and poses that bring out your smile nicely and once you have figured these out, you will be able to pull off that winning smile flawlessly.

Try Teeth Contouring

Teeth contouring or shaping is a dental procedure used in re-adjusting the teeth to create better looking shapes and spaces so as to enhance the quality of your smile. Contouring often involves filing the tips or edges of your teeth to give them a more uniform look. It makes the tips of your teeth have an almost perfect shape that will be great for the quality of your smile.