Growing up with crooked teeth is usually an uncomfortable affair. There are millions of people who are able to live with crooked teeth however for a lot of people, it is leads to shyness and even socially awkward moments where you are unable to comfortably laugh or smile in front of others.

But having crooked teeth is not just about your inability to have that winning Hollywood-quality smile. Crooked teeth can also lead to a host of dental problems such as gum diseases and dental cavities. In many cases, it will also lead to difficulty in speaking properly. You might not be able to articulate words clearly if your teeth are not well aligned. Fortunately, as a parent, you can help correct crooked teeth early on in your kids so that they can have strong and healthy teeth that are also well aligned. You will give your kids a great start in their social lives and great dental health by helping them develop straight teeth.

Here are some steps that you can undertake to help prevent crooked teeth in your kid:

Put a stop to thumb sucking early on

Thumb sucking can lead to the development of crooked teeth early on as it puts pressure on the young and fast growing gums. Some other habits of your kid that will lead to crooked teeth include sucking dummies, tongue thrusting as well a longer duration of bottle feeding. There are various other infant oral issues that will cause the teeth or the jaws to grow out of shape and it is important to consult a dentist early on so as to ensure that these are all rectified.

Early winning from sucking will also prevent the development of crooked teeth or a misaligned bite. Early weaning will ensure the jaws grow naturally into their shape without any force causing malformation.

Consult a dentist early on in case of tooth loss

If a child loses teeth early on, the surrounding teeth will grow into the space created by the missing tooth and this can subsequently create a host of dental issues such as crooked teeth or an incorrect growth of your teeth. Don’t just dismiss tooth loss as a normal occurrence; make sure you book an appointment with a dentist so that they can monitor the teeth for any signs of incorrect growth or misalignment.

Good hygiene is important

Your child can also develop crooked teeth due to poor dental hygiene. Gum diseases, for example, can go deeper into the gum and afflict the dormant adult teeth. This will subsequently cause an incorrect teeth development which will subsequently morph into crooked teeth.

Early on in life, set your child to a dental hygiene regimen so that they can take better care of their teeth. When the teeth are just coming out of the gums, start brushing their gums gently after every meal and as they learn to brush on their own, set them up to a good dental hygiene routine.

Spot it early on

Watch your child’s teeth and spot the signs of crooked teeth early on. It is very easy to do that. If you spot it early on, a dentist will be able to correct the mal-alignment early on. After the age of 12, the child could begin wearing braces that will correct their crooked teeth. Early intervention by a dentist or orthodontist will prevent severe malformation later on in life which could have a lasting damage on their confidence and dental health.

It could be genetic

Sometimes, crooked teeth are not formed as a result of bad habits but due to the genetics. If your family has had a history of crooked teeth, chances are that your child will also inherit that in spite of your best efforts at proper dental and oral care. However, you could still correct that through proper orthodontics if you make an early intervention.

Crooked teeth can have lasting psychological and health damage and it is important to make the right interventions early on in order to minimize any potential long term impact. Consulting with a dentist early on is a great first step and will save you a lot of money and effort of seeking expensive orthodontic treatments down the road.