Wearing dental braces can pose a public speaking conundrum. There is that initial wearing phase where you will go through the learning curve of speaking with a dental brace on. Normally, there will be some mis-articulation of sentences or speaking with a lisp.

Then there is the self-consciousness that you have to grapple with when wearing braces. If you are already painfully shy and have a problem standing in front of people and making a rousing speech, then braces and the subsequent self-consciousness will only compound things for you.

You have to grapple with the little difficulty in mastering a speech function with braces on along with the self-conscious feeling you get when wearing braces, and lastly, your natural shyness even with no braces on. How can you overcome this and still deliver an excellent confident speech with the braces on?

Start Practicing

Nothing smoothens way for you like practicing something beforehand. If you are going to deliver a speech in front of a large crowd, start practicing with your braces on in front of the mirror.

Take your time and start practicing how to speaking with dental braces as often as possible. It is even better if you are not going to make an impromptu speech. You can recite your lines as often as possible until they recline comfortably in your memory where you can easily retrieve them in front prying eyes. If you are living with someone such as a friend or family member, practice conversing with them or in front of them so that you can get used to the braces.

Stand Upright and Breathe in

One of the mechanics of good public speaking is maintaining a great posture when you are speaking. Simply stand upright with your shoulders relaxed and chin facing up. When you have a great posture, your diaphragm along with the larynx will be positioned in such a way that great pitch is attained during your speech.

To make a great speech with a good tone, you must also practice your breathing. Breathe in deeply so as to help settle your nerves.

Talk About Your Fears

Often, the easiest way to overcome a fear is by talking about it. If you are getting butterflies in your stomach because you are going to make a speech while wearing dental braces, talk about this with someone close to you. Hear their reassurances and tips that these will help you overcome the fear.

You can even share the “secret” with your audience. Just tell your audience that you are wearing braces and ask them to excuse you in case there will be some mis-articulation or glitches in the course of the speech. The vast majority of people are very nice and will understand and give you a “sympathetic” ear.

Throw in a Little Humor

If you are good with humor, you can throw in a little humor about your braces in order to break the ice with your audience. That can go a long way in alleviating some of the anxieties that you might have about addressing a large audience while wearing your braces.

With time, you will get comfortable delivering impressive speeches with your braces on and continuous practice will always make perfect the delivery.