Resin Bonding

Resin Bonding is a form of Cosmetic Dentistry that aims at restoring the shape of a chipped, broken, fractured, discoloured or stained tooth or teeth. It can also be used to cosmetically repair the shape of a tooth as well as fill gaps between teeth.

The diverse applications and flexibility of dental resin bonding makes this procedure a popular option for treating mild cases of cosmetic dental problems like those mentioned above.

The Dental Resin Bonding Material.

Resin bonding is tooth-coloured composite — plastic material — that is available in an assortment of colours and shades to match the colour of the original tooth. The resin is a pliable material that can be manipulated to achieve the desired shape.

Resin Bonding in ONE appointment.

This procedure can be performed and completed in one visit to any of our clinics in Melbourne, Heidelberg or Taylors Hill. The safety and flexibility of its application makes resin bonding a relatively less complex cosmetic dentistry procedure and is therefore performed in 30 minutes to one hour depending on the number of teeth and areas to be treated. There are no known risks associated with resin bonding procedures and the patient is often able to resume the use of their teeth almost immediately after the procedure.

The Resin Bonding Procedure.

The first step is to identify the resign colour and shade that matches the patient’s teeth. In most cases, more than one colour is used to achieve the most realistic look. The treated tooth may then be itched gently before applying an adhesive material onto the surface of the tooth. The Resin is then applied and sculpted and shaped to the desired natural look. The resin is then hardened with high-intensity light which conceals the plastic and achieves bonding of the resin to the teeth. Finally, the surface of the tooth is polished producing a smooth and natural look.

Potential Risks of Teeth Whitening.

Our dentists assess each every patient before deciding to proceed with teeth whitening. This is a crucial step to ensure, as much as possible, that applying this treatment is unlikely to have unwanted health risks. Generally, the treatment is safe once it is assessed to be safe by our dentists. The material we use adds another layer of safety to the procedure as it works to tackle discolouration and stains, yet are gentle on less harsh on the teeth enamel, gum and mouth.

After Treatment Care.

There are no specific care requirements for resin bonding. Patients should always apply oral care and hygiene to their teeth gum and mouth. The resin bonded to their teeth wont be affected by brushing or flossing.

Benefits of Resin Bonding

Blue Spa Dentists assess patients’ suitability for this procedure if they present with symptoms that can be treated with resin bonding. Like any other dental treatment, the patient must be examined and assessed before we initiate any treatment so that you understand the procedures being performed on your teeth and have an accurate and realistic expectation from the procedure.

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Resin Bonding at Blue Spa

Blue Spa Dentists have experience and skill in cosmetic dentistry and perform resin bonding prrocedures on patients’ teeth frequently. This treatment is favoured as it provides for a treatment for tooth discolouration, chipped teeth and to close gaps between the teeth quickly and effectively.

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