Apart from their efficacy in straightening misaligned teeth, invisalign aligners are also advantageous due to their safety, comfort and the fact they are “quiet” teeth aligners. Unlike dental braces, they don’t shout out aloud to the world that you are in the process of straightening your teeth. However, there are various ways in which you can further optimise the use of invisalign aligners. Here are some of them:

Floss your teeth everyday

If you are using invisalign aligners, it is very critical that you floss your teeth every day. The invisalign aligners not only hold little debris left after you have brushed your teeth but they also prevent saliva from doing their natural cleaning action. Flossing your teeth regularly while using invisalign aligners will therefore enhance your dental care significantly.

Wear the aligners for at least 22 hours everyday

The invisalign aligners will work more effectively when you wear them most of the time. Adhere to a 22/7 routine; wear your aligners for at least 22 hours every day for the duration of use.

Adhere to the 48-hour requirement

The first 48 hours will be very critical as far as the efficacy of the aligners is concerned. During this duration, you will have to strive hard to keep the invisalign aligners for as long as possible. Make sure you wear them for 22 hours or longer.

Ensure that you change your invisalign aligners on time

You probably won’t be wearing the same invisalign aligners for the duration of the treatment. The dentist will give you instructions on the duration within which the aligners should be changed. Try to strictly adhere to the routine for the efficacy of the treatment.

Take good care of your aligners

Ensure the invisalign trays are cleaned regularly using an antibacterial soap and warm water to prevent a buildup of bacteria which may be transferred to your teeth.

Use invisalign attachments to optimise treatment

Invisalign treatment involves more than just the aligners. There are a few “modules” that you can use in order to speed up the invisalign treatment process. Don’t be afraid to embrace these. For example, there are modules that can be used in holding the invisalign trays in place. You can also bite on “chewies” which will ensure that the invisalign aligners fit perfectly in your feet and that there are no air gaps between the trays and your teeth.

Wear the retainers

For the duration of the treatment, make sure that you wear the retainer on a regular basis otherwise you are going to suffer an orthodontic relapse. This is where the teeth will gradually shift back to their previous position even after an invisalign aligning.

Consider a PROPEL + Invisalign Treatment

If you desire an accelerated teeth alignment, you might consider an invisalign treatment with a PROPEL system. A PROPEL involves making a tiny puncture in the bone area where quick teeth movement is desired. This procedure will cut down the treatment time by as much as 60%!

Making Regular Visits to Your Dentist

A dentist can monitor the progress of the invisalign treatment and advice you accordingly. If you are going through an invisalign alignment, ensure you don’t miss out on any of your follow-up appointments.