At BlueSpa Dental we have a broad range of dental services, including orthodontics, general dentistry and wisdom teeth treatments. Wisdom teeth are some of the most troublesome things that can impede the function of our smile, as well as cause us a lot of pain. Wisdom teeth generally appear in the mouth any time between the ages of 16 and 25. Most of the time one wisdom tooth will grow in each corner of the mouth, resulting in a total of four wisdom teeth. Problems occur with wisdom teeth when they grow at odd angles, which can put your other natural teeth in danger and result in extraction. Here at our Melbourne, Heidelberg and Hillside Blue Spa Dental practices we monitor 5 main problems that commonly occur with the growth of wisdom teeth in order to determine if extraction is required.

Decay can occur when your wisdom teeth become impacted.

When your wisdom teeth start to erupt in an odd direction this can cause small crevices which become prone to decay and gum disease. Food and plaque can get stuck in these small areas and begin to rot the tooth from the inside. If decay has started to take hold of your wisdom teeth you may experience swelling, pain, sore glands on the jaw, difficulty with mouth function and pus coming from beneath the gums.

Pressure pain.

When the wisdom tooth begins to erupt through the surface of the gum it can result in a significant amount of pressure. If you feel pressure where your already formed adult teeth are (for example a pushing sensation) then an immediate OPG X-ray will be required.

Orthodontic complications and aesthetic reasons.

Your dentist may recommend an OPG X-ray to gain a better view of your wisdom teeth below your gums. This may allow your dentist to determine if your wisdom teeth are impacted and if they may compromise the alignment of the teeth by resulting in overcrowding.

Cyst formation.

While rare, cysts and tumours can form around impacted wisdom teeth, causing pain and resulting in extraction. In this case a fluid-filled cyst can occur at the bottom of an impacted wisdom teeth and even on top of the wisdom tooth in the crevice when the tooth has not yet broken through the gum.

Prosthetic reasons.

If you lose a tooth due to a dental accident, or if you require extraction in another area of the mouth and dental implant or dental bridge installation then your dentist at BlueSpa Dental will need to remove your wisdom teeth before the procedure. This is because wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding in the mouth which can make whatever restorative dentistry procedures you have null and void.

What is the wisdom teeth removal process at BlueSpa Dental?

Your wisdom teeth can be removed under local or general anaesthetic which is generally used when more than two wisdom teeth extractions are required. The process will involve a dental surgeon making an incision in the gum tissue and retracting the tissue to expose the wisdom tooth. It will then be removed using a surgical drill which will expose the roots and allow for extraction.

If you would like to find out more about wisdom teeth extraction at BlueSpa Dental in Melbourne, Heidelberg or Hillside Blue please do not hesitate to contact us.