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Wisdom teeth are the teeth situated at the back of the mouth — a third set of molars — and are usually the last teeth to develop. They usually come in between the ages of 17 and 25. It has been noticed that patients as young as 14 present with wisdom teeth problems. These teeth are prone to becoming impacted due to the lack of space in the dental arch and can cause harm if they partially erupt through the gum.

Why remove wisdom teeth..?

Wisdom teeth are often removed due the following reasons;

Wisdom Teeth removal procedure

Wisdom teeth removal is not like a normal tooth extraction. Rather, it involves a surgical procedure. The first step is to discuss the process with our dentists. When you attend at our clinics, our dental surgeon will discuss a number of issues with you and we encourage you to tell us about any dental issue you may feel related. These issues can include:

  • Any general health issues such as blood pressure, heart conditions or even bone injuries as well as any medications you currently receive.
  • Present and ask any questions you may have in relation to the wisdom teeth removal surgery.
  • The type of anaesthesia you prefer to have and post surgery recovery process.

Our dentist or surgeon may also recommend that you take steps in advance of your surgery and make arrangements to take time off work or school, child care and ensure that you are able to rest during recovery at home.

On the scheduled surgery appointment, our dentist or dental surgeon would have made all appropriate arrangements for the wisdom tooth removal surgery including the type of anaesthesia to be used. There are three types of anaesthesia that can be used:

  • Local: The dentist or surgeon gives you a numbing agent through a shot in the gum. In addition, the doctor may also suggest that you breath nitrous oxide — known as laughing gas — which can cause you to relax.
  • IV Sedation: In addition to numbing the mouth with a shot into the gum, the doctor also administer drugs delivered through a vein that make you drowsy. This may cause you sleep through the entire procedure.
  • General: Drugs delivered through a vein or by breathing a gas through a mask that will cause you to sleep during the procedure. Often, patients who undergo general anaesthesia may not wake up for up to an hour.

Removing wisdom teeth is a surgical procedure that takes time to perform and recover from, therefore, it is essential that you make arrangements that will help you recover properly.

Post Surgery Care

Blue Spa dentists will discuss the recovery process with you including best practices, hygiene, salt-water rinses as well as other activities. Some of the things that will be explained is the stages through which recovery will travel and progress including what to expect during the first week after surgery.

Feel free to ask questions about the activities you should avoid and ensure that you daily activities are not likely to slow your recovery or cause pressure or excessive oozing or bleeding to the extracted tooth site. In all circumstances, you should avoid any activities during the first 48 hours of surgery and cease smoking as it can slow down the recovery process.

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Wisdom Teeth Treatment

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